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The Missed Call / Ejaculation.

Your boyfriend lost his life on the same day you slept with your lover for the first time. It was the first time you cheated on him. Your boyfriend was the love of your life.

When your lover pushed you to the wall and kissed your neck. When he undressed you as you led him through the same paths your boyfriend often troll, was the same time your boyfriend received an email he was waiting for in months.

He got the job. He couldn't wait to tell you.


He got in the car, he was coming home. He took his phone then dialled your number. Your phone rung...... Twice. .. thrice.... your phone rung when the mouth of your lover brushed over your earlobes. His masculinity pressed over your body. You Breathed in exasperation. Mouth opened wide as his head was bent between your legs. He was the bee sucking nectar from your boyfriend's flower. You enjoyed it, for the first time.

Your boyfriend, in his car was happy, smiling, thinking about you and the promise of tomorrow. Life was going to be good. He thought about the look on your face when he would tell you the news. Your excitement broke his heart into a thousand laughter that echoed through the traffic. He raced fast, he knew not.

He took his phone. He typed. .

"Honey, need to see you". He didn't hit the send button.

He missed the speed limit sign along the highway. He missed the bump that lied ahead. He missed the road.

He hit and rolled into a tank carrying inflammable gases. Thank God it didn’t explode. His phone dazzled out of his hands. This was the same time that you reached your orgasm. Your thighs were shaking in squirts. Goose bumps formed on your inner thighs. As you begged your lover not to stop. He couldn't stop. How could he when there's nothing sweeter than eating what's not yours? He dared not stopped. He delve deeper.

Your lover ejaculated inside of you. The feel of warm, thick semen caused a sensation in your womb. He held you solemnly by your hair as you held him tight. Your boyfriend laid in a pool of shimmering warm blood. Metallic machines embroidered into his body. He laid there, and there was nothing he could do about the agonizing pain. He just laid there, hoping to see your face.

At the very same time, You tasted your lover's sweat and stared at his flaccid penis. Your boyfriend never crossed your mind. For, where he laid, crowd gathered as flicks of cameras shuttered. The police came, the ambulance was on its way.

You stood, dressed yourselves. Picked your phone and found missed calls from your boyfriend, you chuckled as you switched off your phone.

His body grew weary while waiting for help. The police was waiting to carry the corpse. He held on. He had the will to live yet again. To see your face once again and together live in the promise of tomorrow. But something was not right. His body ejaculated his soul from him. His soul deserted him. Still, waiting for an ambulance, his cold body felt not the warmth of its blood that had oozed out.

Your boyfriend lost his life the same time you cheated on him with your lover for the first time. It was at the time, that you ignored his calls for the first time. Assuming that it was just "an ordinary call". You missed the call. You did miss his call when he needed you the most. Regrets as you got the news, that he had passed on. All the memories of you and him. From whence you met, his youth and beauty came rushing back to you. You embraced them. You lost him. You asked God to give him back.

But Even God missed your call.

Phill Ibsen, The Master Of Descriptions.



Phill Ibsen

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