“Open Application Letter”

Phill Ibsen
3 min readFeb 20, 2020

Dear Reuben,
I am only referring to you as Reuben because this is the initial of the email address I’m yet to send this application to. It should be noted that I have no idea who lies on the other end, and if Reuben is not the one reading this, then kindly replace Reuben’s name with your name, if your name is Cathy or Teresa or Rebecca, (I’m not good with names) kindly erase Dear Reuben and replace it with your name.

Again I’m sorry for not being formal, I hate being formal, I bet 1 out of 10 writers hate looking formal, (I speak for myself) there is so much seriousness and tension with being formal, it’s like you are wearing a pair of tight boxers and all they do is squeeze on your testicles worse when the boxer is wet. Reuben, do you know how that feels? Let me tell you, it feels like the world is coming to an end.
So, Reuben, this Valentines Writing Competition, I haven’t checked whether its legit or whether it is a way of you soliciting poems and write ups that you would use to serenade a woman, if that’s the case, let me be honest with you bro, women are not that easy, women are another species from men, in fact more advanced. But if you know what makes them tick, what makes them weak, what makes them wheeze out of their holes to wrap themselves around you and cling their souls on your kisses, then good for you Reuben, you shall have hit the jackpot.
My name is Phill Ibsen, (Master of Descriptions) a creative writer, I wouldn’t limit myself to a specific name-tag as a blogger, a poet, a scriptwriter, a director, or any other thing, limits restricts our growth.

Being a Master Of Descriptions, you will find that my writings have a knack for details, I am not perfect at it, but I do hope that my trials and attempts to master the art and focus on every detail of scenes, doesn’t bore you to death, or take you to a temporary hell cell. If you are a fan of vivid projections of emotions and telling the story as it is and not as it should be, then this should be your bliss.
However, I do not suppose that my form of writing or the pieces I have posted on the links that I have attached beforehand will fit the description of fairy tales and glam of teenage love stories and quick wheezy vibes that melts women’s heart and set men on uncharted path of soul mate searching.

My kind of writing, let me warn you in advance, has a tapestry in darkness and perhaps, sometimes, it elicits dark humor and frequently sadistic view to life, love and happily ever after. Not that they do not exist, but probably because they are overrated, and if you look closely, you will realize that searching for happiness is a long a haul to finding it. Finding happiness means finding yourself. That’s a step closer to knowing love.
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Phill Ibsen

The Master of Descriptions, is a Creative Writer. My writings has a tapestry in darkness, which lures readers back to reality. I tell the story as it is.